How to write great Instagram captions

How to write great Instagram captions

Instagram captions are such a vital part of the Instagram posting process and that’s why everyone seems to worry about them. What do I post? Is my caption too long or too short? Can I use Instagram captions to my advantage and draw in customers?

From our experience it ALL depends on your branding, your audience and what you want to gain from your Instagram posts. If you just want to share beautiful content and are not selling a product then your captions will in fact be very different to a business account whose main aim is to generate sales.

Top uses for Instagram captions

  1. To give news or inform your followers about a new product/release.
  2. To tell the story behind your picture/post.
  3. To invite your followers to engage with your post by asking them a question.
  4. To use as a platform to host competitions, giveaways and direct follower engagement.
  5. To direct customers to your bio link in order to encourage sales.

The top uses listed are very beneficial to your business if you are clear about what you want to gain out of posting on Instagram. It’s really important that you research into other accounts in your niche and the type of captions that they post. This way you’ll have a better idea of what will work for your own content. We’ve listed a few hints and tips below that are really helpful when creating your captions.

Instagrowth rules of Instagram captions

  1. Get to know your audience and what they are receptive to. You can do this by testing out different posts and seeing which ones react well with your audience. You could also research into what kind of captions your competitors use on their account.
  2. Note that people scroll through Instagram at a fast pace, so it’s good to keep it brief and to the point.
  3. However, loyal followers will take the time to read long captions so don’t shy away if you have something important and valuable to say.
  4. We’d suggest that you Include your most interesting and inviting parts of the caption in the first three lines as this is what your followers will see first, whether or not they choose to read further into your post. Make your words compelling and give your followers a reason to click ‘more’.
  5. We don’t recommend adding your hashtags in your caption, Instead post them in your comments section to avoid looking spammy.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use emojis, they are eye catching and always add a bit of personality to a post.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use quotes either, whether its something inspirational said by someone else (make sure to credit them) or a quote said by the person in the picture.

A really effective way to invite your followers to engage with your posts is to include a question in your caption. In fact, if you make your caption a direct question to your followers it is very likely they’ll respond, giving you the opportunity to connect with them one on one by liking and replying to their comment.

Don’t be afraid to tag other accounts within your captions, this will invite the followers of that specific account to like, comment and engage with your post/account.

Direct your followers to click the link in your bio. Instagram has not yet given us the ability to add proper links on our photos, we have to direct them to the link in our bio. This can be done very effectively through the use of captions.

The contest or giveaway caption. This is where you can collaborate with other brands in order to share exposure and gain more followers by working collectively.

Tell the story behind your post, loyal followers will be interested in everything you have to say.

Round Up

Research, research, research! The only way to know exactly what your followers will want is by looking into other niche accounts and what is working for them.

Don’t be afraid to try out different captions until you find something that works for you!

Keep it creative and informative! Leave them wanting more!

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