When should I post on Instagram?

When should I post on Instagram?

Knowing when to post on Instagram can be a challenging prospect as the second you hit enter on google you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of conflicting advice and suggestions. Like all business decisions made on Instagram, it does completely depend on the type of business you’re running and the engagement of your audience.

As you know, knowing exactly when to post on Instagram can be really tricky, especially when the algorithms are constantly changing and content is not ordered chronologically, but in order of the posts Instagram thinks YOU want to see first. What it really comes down to is the type of page you have, whether it be a business page or a personal page and the type of followers/customers you are engaging with.

If you want to target your posts directly towards your following, we’d recommend studying your analytics and understanding the times of day in which your followers engage with you the most and where they are from in the world. This way you’re selecting times that correlate with your audience specifically and are far more likely to aid you in growing your account and following.

However, if you are running a personal account which you are not using to develop a business on, we would recommend sticking to the most standard Instagram posting times which are when the majority of people are online and scrolling.

So What Time Should I Post?

Advice for personal accounts and business accounts who are not posting via their insights.

Morning posting

After managing many Instagram accounts over several months we have found that the most efficient time to post new content is 8AM in the morning as this is when commuters are travelling to work and are likely to be scrolling through Instagram.


12PM can also be a good time to post however this completely depends on engagement you have received on previous posts around this time. Different accounts will receive engagement at all times of the day. If you are not posting via insights, we would recommend trying a few different times out and seeing which ones receive higher engagement.


From experience we would recommend posting between 6PM and 9PM in the evening. This is when most users are travelling back from work and are likely to be active on Instagram. Anytime within this time period is known to be successful for receiving the highest amount of engagement.

All of these posting time recommendations have been discovered through trial and error from running several Instagram accounts over a long period of time.


For example if you run a travel account/blog 8AM wouldn’t work for all of your followers as they will be spread across several time zones. We’d suggest finding out where your highest engagers are in the world and plan your posting around the times when they are most likely to be active. You might find it beneficial to post several times a day in order to reach several time zones.

For those of you who are running business accounts and want to have a further understanding into your insights and how they are very beneficial when selecting which times to post on your account take a look at our “Switching To A Business Profile” blog post.

Posting with Insights

However, for those of you who are referring to your Instagram Analytics for suitable posting times and are interested in posting at the recommended times based on the success of your content, then this part is for you.

We will be touching on this topic in one of our blogs to come called “Understanding your Instagram Analytics” however, we’re going to go into a little more depth to help you understand the time/posting related analytics.

Start by selecting the audience sector on your Instagram Insights, scroll down to the bottom and have a look at the time of day where your audience is most active on your account. Then tailor your posts to the most common time people are interacting. Make sure to take note that this may fluctuate throughout the week and you may need to alter your times every so often. All that maters is that you get the timing of your posts as close to your analytics as possible.

As you can see from the first and second picture below, we have shown you an example of audience interaction from an account on both a Wednesday and a Saturday. As you can see the level of interaction hardly differs meaning that the owner of this account can stick to posting at similar times each day.

The third picture highlights the days in which this account has received the highest number of ‘actions’ taken from the account. This means that on certain days of the week this accounts followers have either visited their profile, clicked on their website, sent and email or forward the account to someone else. It’s really important to pay attention to these insights as these actions are where the sales start to take place.

Round Up

For those of you who are posting based on your insights, study them and get to know your audience and the way in which they interact with you. This will really help with the growth of your account.

For those of you who are not using insights, stick to the most common times that most people interact with Instagram. For example 8-9 AM in the morning and 6-9PM in the evening.

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