Understanding your Instagram Insights

Understanding your Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights are an incredibly useful tool that Instagram has included in the Business Profile setting on your account. If you haven’t yet converted to a Business Account, you can follow our easy step by step guide on our blog.

Insights give us a much broader understanding of the way in which our followers have been engaging and interacting with our accounts. Having a greater understanding of exactly how insights work will give you the option to adjust your strategy in order to create better content that your followers are more likely to engage with.

Understanding your Instagram Insights not only gives you great insight into the progress of your current content, but it will inspire new ideas for your content strategy moving forward.

Instagram Insights delve deeply into not only the amount of comments and likes you receive but take a much closer look at the overall success of your account, analysing your followers most common behavioural patterns according to the content you’re posting.

How To Read Your Instagram Insights

Firstly, business accounts who are specifically targeting followers for sales and engagement will thoroughly benefit from understanding their key analytics.

  • If you haven’t converted your page to a Business Account, we’d recommend doing so now via the Instagram App.
  • Once you have converted your page to a Business Account we would recommend posting at your usual times for two weeks in order for Instagram to pick up your data. We can only have an idea of when is best for you to post once you have posted for some time using your business account.
  • For those of you that already have a business account and can access your analytics, you’re in the right place!

Looking further into your Insights:


When on your profile tap the button on the top right hand corner of your page which will take you to your accounts menu. Follow by clicking on the ‘Insights’ tab, this will take you directly to the homepage where you have the option to select Activity, Content or Audience.

To have a closer look into the specific times that your followers are most active on your profile, select Audience.

If you scroll right down to the tab that says Followers, you’ll see a small bar chart with times of the day under each box. The time with the tallest boxes which are in the darkest shade of blue are your most active times on Instagram. We’d suggest selecting a popular time in the morning and one in the evening and choosing these as the best times for you to post. This of course is subject to change depending on Instagram’s algorithms so always check back to see if your timings have altered at all.  

Via this tab it is also possible to see the top locations in which your followers are based. This will be detrimental in terms of posting times. For example if your followers are mostly based in the US but you are a company based in the UK, it would be great to consider posting at peak times for them as well. We also get access to our followers age range and gender which is important when selecting target audience for your brand and for reshaping your content if need be.

Once you understand your insights you will find you have a more in depth understanding of your account and your followers, thus resulting in more engagement and a higher level of sales. There are several tabs that go over in depth details of your content, making it digestible and applicable.


Within the activity tab you can access your weekly post interactions including profile visits and website clicks, how many people you reach and your Impressions from those outside of your account.


The content tab is such a great tool as it allows you to see the success of each of your posts and just how many people have engaged with them. This allows you to compare specific types of posts to see which ones are popular amongst your following. This is especially helpful for those selling products/creating product layouts as some images will be more successful than others. You can also access the popularity of your stories via this tab, seeing just how many people have interacted with them. Promoted posts are also included in this tab which helps you see just how far your money has gone in terms of post reach etc.

Audience: Gives you insight into the times of day your followers are engaging with your content.

Audience: Also gives you insight into the location of your followers and their age range.

Activity: Gives you insight into how many accounts you’ve reached that week and how active your followers have been on your profile.

Content: Gives you insight into how well each specific post is doing.

Specific Posts and Story Insights

To see exactly how a specific post is doing on your profile click on the post then just below the photograph there is a tab that says ‘View Insights.’ This includes information such as how many people the specific post has reached, how many people have uniquely saved it to their profile and how many people have shared it with someone else. This is beneficial if you’d like more detailed information on just how well a specific post is doing.

Instagram Stories

Select your Instagram story and swipe up on your image or video then click the insights button .  A small insights page will pop up with the engagement levels on that specific story. This will really help tailor any future stories as you’ll be able to see which ones have performed well so far.

Swiping up on your Instagram stories enables you to see how well a specific post has done.

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