The new Instagram story features in depth

The new Instagram story features in depth

Instagram stories are such a powerful tool to utilise within your Instagram accounts, giving fans constant and direct access to your brand. In fact, the more stories you do post, the higher up in your fans story queues you’ll be, meaning that they’ll have a regular and consistent feed from you which will keep them more engaged in your project.

Instagram stories allow you to engage in frequent posting as an engagement strategy as some accounts actually receive a higher engagement of viewers on their story than they do on their main Instagram account. That’s why they are SO vital in building your business/account.

We all know how to use Instagram stories by now as they have become an ever growing element within our accounts, giving our fans and followers access to a more personal side of our businesses and profiles. As it is ever growing, Instagram keeps adding new features for us to try, giving us the opportunity to make our stories far more engaging.

Ask me anything

We now have the ability to directly ask our following what they want to see more of, with an option for them to directly reply to us, and privately. We can do this via the “Ask me something” sticker. This feature is fantastic when asking your followers what kind of content they’d like to see more of or if you want to open the floor to them to ask you questions about yourself and your business/brand.

Poll Function

This function is fantastic, especially if you’re wanting to do market research into your audience’s opinion on something you want offer them. For example if you are launching a new product you could use this function to gauge just how many people might be interested in purchasing it. You could also use it to get your audience to engage and vote on something, for an example it could be something really silly. Engaging your audience with your account is the most important thing you can do.

Emoji Rating

This option is great as it allows your followers to rate something that you have posted. For example you may post a picture in your story of your new product, you can then ask your fans to rate just how much they like the look of it or if it excites them or not.


This is a recent feature allowing you to select a countdown to an up and coming event. This could be the launch of a new product, the number of dates until an event or even just a countdown until Christmas. You can totally make it your own! It’s great because it’s just another way for your followers to engage with you and feel involved in your process.


This feature is great if you have recently collaborated with a brand and you want to give them a shout out. You can tag them in your stories and make their profile name clear so your followers can then be directed to their page. This is especially helpful if you are reviewing a product for a brand or if you want to give a brand a shoutout that you would like to collaborate with in the future.

Swipe Up

This has to be our favourite feature so far. Once you reach 10k followers you will have the option to add links to your stories directly linking your followers to your products. This is great as it involves the least amount of effort for the consumer which is exactly what we want. When you have to ask people to click the link in your bio, most people, unless they are already big fans of what you do, probably can’t be bothered to do that. So this is when the swipe up function comes in handy and is much more likely to increase your sales. It also gives you the option to post links of other accounts you are collaborating with in a ‘shout out for shout out’ mention.


When filming a video for an Instagram story, you have the option to add a song in the background to make it that little more exciting. This also gives the artist a ‘shout out’ (does it?). It really just makes your videos more interesting!

Location and Hashtag’s

Instagram has now introduced a location and hashtag sector which automatically adds the location or hashtag you have tagged into a grouped story for that specific location or tag. This allows others who have searched for stories in that location or have added their own tags to have access to your content.

Ask Me Anything

Poll Feature

Countdown Feature

Round Up

It’s amazing what the power of using Instagram stories can do when building your account following. Try using a several of the examples above and see which ones work for you and your account. You’ll be amazed by the interactions your stories can bring especially in a time were Instagram changes it’s algorithms regularly.

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