How to manage content for Instagram

How to manage content for Instagram

Instagram content is the creme de la creme of your account, it’s what keeps your followers coming back for more, it’s what drives your sales and it’s what aids you in building a relationship with your followers. It’s so important that you keep producing regular and engaging content to keep your business running, however It can be challenging to create and source content regularly. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to find inspiration, thats what we’re here to help you with!

Having a high quality bank of Instagram photos is a very helpful and important part of your content creation. If you always have great photos stored up to post, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you are unable to post anything. It’s so important to stay up to date with your content so you always have something new to provide for your followers.

So where can we source borrowed content?

  1. Source high quality stock images from Adobe Stock, Pinterest, Google Images etc and keep them on your bank for future posts.
  2. You can source and save photos on Instagram into separate folders that you wish to upload onto your own account.
  3. You could hire a graphic designer to create content for you, however this is costly and is something you might save for when your business is generating enough income to do so.

There are several types of Instagram content that you should be mindful of. All of which is so beneficial when growing your business!

  1. Content you create yourself, i.e. the photographs you take of your business in motion/your brand/product, anything that you post yourself.
  2. Content that is created by your followers. Ie, pictures of your followers using your product, listening to your podcast/music or sharing their experience/opinion of your business.
  3. Content that you borrow off others. For example content that you source elsewhere that is relevant to your niche and branding.

Content creation and planning apps to try out

  1. VSCO is great in terms of editing your photos. Instagram accounts always look amazing if the majority of the photographs are edited with the same filter/theme as this gives the page consistency. Proving lots of content is only beneficial if it’s of high quality.
  2. Preview – The Preview App is a platform where you can upload your posts before you officially post them on Instagram to see how they will look next to each other. It’s fantastic because you can plan as many posts as you want in advance whilst adding captions and hashtags. You can then revisit the app whenever you want to post next with your content already ready to go!
  3. Unfold – This app is fantastic for creating content for posts and Instagram stories. You can edit text onto pictures and create templates or specific styles of posts.


Preview App

Unfold App

Round Up

1. If you plan your content in advance as often as possible you’ll never be stuck without anything to post!

2. Make sure you do your research, there are so many avenues to source great content from.

3. Remember that you don’t have to post every single day, but it’s important that you keep your content as consistent as possible.

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