How to humanise your brand using Instagram stories

How to humanise your brand using Instagram stories

So what does humanising your brand mean?

Humanising your brand means giving a face to a name, a personality to a product and bringing it to life! Nowadays people are far more interested in knowing who they are buying from. This is because people are MUCH more likely to invest in you and your product if;

1) They like you!

2) They can trust you!

3) They believe in what you are selling them!

These are all questions your audience will subconsciously ask whilst looking at your Instagram account and deciding whether they want to invest in you or not. 

Who’s behind this page? Why does it matter to you? Who created it? Why did they create it? People really want to know it ALL. Why should they care about your business? Why do YOU care about your business? 

This is an example of a brand asking direct questions to their followers with the aim to use their feedback to improve what they are offering to them.

This influencer has chosen to share very personal information about her spinal chord injury with her followers. This will instantly help her fanbase feel more connected as she is opening up about her personal life.

This influencer regularly shows her bubbly personality via Instagram posts and regularly shares the not so perfect moments of her life too. This helps her fans feel like they can relate to her as she’s sharing all aspects of her life.

People will always buy from brands they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

Why? Because it helps you build a much deeper connection and relationship with your audience.

Every time you buy from a shop or a brand, it’s probably because you trust it. Make sure your audience can trust your products too.

You still need to make sure your content looks GREAT, however if you are approachable, friendly and interactive with your audience people are far more likely to trust what you’re selling.

How can we humanise our brand using Instagram Stories?

  1. Create videos of you talking and interacting with your followers. Thank them for their support and chat to them about what you’re doing.
  2. Show them the process of your craft or business, people LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. Although it has to look good and be on brand, it doesn’t have to be PERFECT, people like people they can relate to. So if you’re laughing or make a mistake, keep the take or the photo as it makes you much more relatable.
  4. Do Instagram LIVE sessions where you actually chat to your followers about what you do, and answer questions from them!
  5. Include your fans in as much of your content as possible!
  6. Create polls in your stories asking your fans what THEY WANT. This will really help them feel included in your business.
  7. Ask them what content they might like to see from you next? Using the poll feature in your stories is always great for this.
  8. Don’t be afraid to be honest in your posts and stories too, sometimes it’s really important share challenges you face throughout your business and life. People also find this type of content relatable because again, it humanises you.

Round Up

People don’t really respond to pushy sales techniques anymore, they want to feel involved in your company and brand. They want to know WHO you are and why they should care about it.

If you are an approachable friendly person, let that come across on your Instagram page and throughout your stories. You’ll be surprised how quickly your stats go up because people LOVE authenticity.

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