How To Use Instagram Stories To Drive Traffic

As you may already know, Instagram stories have been a fast growing trend which have enabled brands to communicate directly with their audience. 

They have been an incredible way for audiences to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes of a particular brand, influencer or creative. However not only are stories beneficial for communication, they are also an amazing way to share and sell new products.

If you use Instagram stories yourself or if you watch other peoples stories, you’ll know that they actually drive a lot of engagement towards your page. Businesses accounts use them to draw consumers towards their products via photographs, videos, polls or by using the ‘swipe up’ function.

A very effective and helpful feature on Instagram stories is the SWIPE UP function. However to be clear, this is only available for BUSINESS ACCOUNTS with over 10K followers. So this is a function that you can only use once you have GROWN your account to over 10k followers. If you don’t have this bonus on your account, you can direct customers towards your biography which should include a link to your product or business, however it is much more effective to use the swipe up function when you are able to.

How to use INSTAGRAM STORIES to drive traffic

  1. Make sure you create your content in advance such as photographs, videos or polls which are relevant to your brand.
  2. Tag any affiliated brands or influencers you might be working with (make sure it’s relevant to the picture)
  3. Film videos of yourself talking about your product/business, this helps your audience get to know you on a more personal level.
  4. Keep your stories and content regular and interesting, people will start to look forward to watching what you are getting up to.
  5. You can post anything on your story, for example blog posts, podcasts, magazine, books, products, articles, anything to do with your business that you want to drive traffic to
  6. If you have over 10k followers you should utilise your ‘swipe up’ function as this is much more affective than directing people to your ‘link in bio.’

Round Up

Aim to reach 10k as quickly as possible because the swipe up function is just so beneficial for converting traffic into actual sales! It enables your followers to be linked directly to your products, and requires less effort from them. It’s so important to ask your audience to do as little work as possible to retrieve your product. 

Humanising your brand is just SO important, if people feel like they can relate to you they are much more likely to invest in your product or business. People want to trust you so make sure you give them good reason to! 

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