How to get more likes on Instagram

How to get more likes on Instagram

Create your Instagram ‘Like For Like’ team!

What is a like for like group?

First of all, it’s one of the best Instagram inventions going right now! The groups involve bringing together the top accounts in your niche and agreeing to like and comment on each others posts in order to up your accounts engagement levels. If all members of the group like and comment on your posts you will find your account will grow faster as it will have higher and more regular engagement levels.

Engagement via these groups will not only help you boost your engagement but will give you the the potential to go viral, gain hundreds to thousands of new followers and potentially have your work featured on the Instagram explore page!

The Strategy 

Before we get started it’s important that you know that there’s two different types of Instagram Engagement Groups which both have different rules when joining.

Commonly Used Instagram Engagement Group

Firstly theres the more common Instagram Engagement Group which takes place on Instagram DM’s. Groups like these have a capacity limit of 15 people however you can be a member of as many groups as you like. The rules of these groups involve the following;

  1. You must like and comment on every member’s new post in order to post your own Instagram link for others to return the favour.
  2. The aim of the group is to help boost the likes and activity on your page in exchange for doing the same for other accounts in your niche.
  3. The small downfall of using these accounts is that the likes and comments you’ll receive will all be at different times off the day. Although these groups will boost your likes and comments, when they are received at different times of the day it is unlikely to spike your engagement analytics.
  4. We recommend using Facebook and Instagram to find accounts in your niche to team up with.

Instagram ‘Rounds’ Groups 

Secondly, there’s Instagram ‘Rounds’ Groups on apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp which although involve a lot more work and commitment, have a much higher return rate on engagement. For example, on WhatsApp and Telegram you can join groups starting from 200 people to upto 100,000. They set up specific daily tasks so that all members can post their new upload at a certain time of day. All members then have a window of 15 minutes to like and comment on every single members new post. This will spike and increase your engagement as you’ll be receiving 100s of new likes and comments within a short period of time. However, in return you must do the same for all other accounts listed.

The more engagement you get on a post the higher Instagram will rank it in the algorithm meaning that your account will grow faster. Thus resulting in you reaching a wider audience which is exactly what we want!

Round Up

  1. Research into accounts you’d like to collaborate with in your groups, if you can’t find one to join, create your own!
  2. Make sure you give back as many likes and comments as you receive.
  3. Use these groups as often as you can and watch your account grow!
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