FAQ • Instagrowth



How are your services better than others?
We are not any other company selling you thousands of fake/inactive followers. We personally optimize your account and prepare a customized marketing campaign for it, the results which our marketing campaigns get are far more superior than any other services available on the internet! We haven’t had anyone that can even stand up to the challenge of even coming close to what we do. We will take on any challengers!​


How does your marketing campaign works? 
We will like the content & follow users that you want to target and reach thousands of them to gain their attention on your account. Our follow-unfollow activity takes place within 24 hrs, so you would be reaching new active targeted users every day and won’t end up following anyone with your Instagram account. In our campaign, only your follower’s number increases not your following. Our liking method helps you reach hundreds of people every day, we connect with people interested in your niche by leaving likes on their recent posts so they can see notice your account.


Will the followers I gain be Real?
Yes, ALL the followers you gain will be real and active. We personally guarantee that each and every follower you gain using our services will be real.


Why do you need password of my Instagram account?
We need access to your account in order to build our algorithms and perform our activities. All our work is performed from your account and without having access to it we won’t be able to do the work. We don’t share your password with any third parties, all your information is safe with us.


If I cancel this service will my followers disappear? 
Not at all! People follow you on their own wish, we just put your account in front of them by our marketing activities and they themselves decides to follow you, so they will remain your followers no matter you use our services or not.


Will the people I already follow be unfollowed? 
No, we will not unfollow anyone you are already following. We will just unfollow the people we have followed. We will also not unfollow the people you follow while our campaign is running. Any person whom you have followed will remain as it is.


How long before I see results? 
You should see results from the first day itself, you will notice activities on your Instagram account in the form of new followers and engagement. The longer you work with us the better the results will be! We recommend you keep using our services for a minimum of 6 months before you decide whether or not this service is right for you. This gives us optimal time to split-test interests in your niche and market so we can target the best audience possible and get the best results we can.