Commenting on Instagram accounts

Commenting on Instagram accounts

Commenting on targeted accounts in your niche is an important part of growing your Instagram account as it involves directly communicating with accounts you may want to work with in the future.

Why is this beneficial to my business?

If you look back at your top 50 list of accounts in your niche, these will all be relevant accounts to comment on for exposure and potential new followers. It’s also beneficial to browse through relevant hashtags to find appropriate accounts within your niche.

Essentially this tactic involves borrowing the fan base of specific accounts in your niche. This is great for your business as the followers of your targeted audience will be interested in your account and brand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

 Commenting on targeted accounts 

  1. Always comment with an engaging message, avoid sending solo emojis as you want the account to know you’re paying attention to detail and actually care about their account. If they want to engage with you, they’ll get back to you.
  2. Make sure you like their pictures as well, and more than one. Avoid liking the first three photos as lots of bots do this. It’s more beneficial to scroll down and like specific ones to show that you are genuine.
  3. Focus on commenting on smaller accounts to begin with, you are much more likely to interact with these accounts as they won’t have as many other comments.
  4. However, don’t be afraid to comment on larger accounts every so often, they have a lot of views every minute and if their followers see your comments, they’ll most likely view your page as well.
  5. If your account is verified your comments on other peoples posts will appear at the bottom of the comments section which is very useful as your comment will show up first to all other users. This will result in far more people visiting your profile as they will notice that your comment is a featured comment due to your account being verified.
  6. Another perk of commenting on other accounts in your niche is that you will slowly start to build relationships with other accounts and influencers, opening up the possibility for future collaboration and networking. We have created relationships just with tagging people in our posts regularly, think how much more powerful a connection could be if you’re actively supporting them and commenting on their posts.

When people comment on your account

  1. It is so important to reply to every single comment a follower makes on your profile, you’ve got to treat your community like gold!
  2. Even if its just by liking the comment or writing a short message. This way you are consistently building a relationship with your followers.
  3.  Its vital to give back as much as you possibly can and in doing so you’ll create a stronger sense of community, thus resulting in more sales, far more interest in your brand and bigger and better collaborations.
  4. If you want to create more engagement on your posts, try asking your followers a question in your captions. Something they can respond to or write an answer to. This is always a great way of getting followers to engage in your posts.
  5. Always remember that your followers are the community that keep your business alive and running, make sure they feel part of your journey!

Here’s an example of a comment that doesn’t serve much purpose. Although you are still engaging with another account, it doesn’t serve a purpose in building a relationship. A lot of Instagram bots only post emojis, it’s important to differentiate yourself from these accounts.

Here’s a much better example of an engaging, interesting comment that shows the brand that you are interested in what they’re posting about.

Round Up

There are so many ways to build a relationship with accounts on Instagram, however, commenting on accounts within your niche is a really great place to start. You’ll notice small relationships building with brands and if you are consistent you will end up working with them!

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