Process • Instagrowth

How it Works.

Real Followers, Real Growth


Instagrowth organically grow your Instagram following and engagement through our advanced marketing techniques, including hashtag & user targeting. This will drive real and targeted Instagram followers to your account, leading to steady growth and new business.


We provide a continual growth of organic followers by managing the engagement of your account. We attract people who will have a genuine interest in your account and product. You will notice new followers, more comments and more post likes, since these are followers who are showing genuine interest in your content, and engage accordingly.

Competitor Research


We will research competitor accounts in your niche in order to find people who could be interested in your content. Targeting these users will lead to a higher follow and engagement rate.

Detailed Analysis


Every account is different. Our team will constantly be analysing and adjusting the techniques we use to produce the best results possible for your account.

Niche Targeting


Our advanced marketing techniques focus solely on increasing business and generating real leads. Our aim isn’t just to produce a large following but create an engaging community that can lead to sales.

Dynamic Hashtags


Hashtags are a great way to boost account exposure and are the best way to go viral on Instagram. Our dynamic hashtag technique supplies you with a unique set of niche specific hashtags to go with everything you post you make, dramatically increasing its audience.